A reel should represent your dedication as an artist, and your range as an actor. Make sure the company you chose, will bring your best performances to light through skilled on-set directing and superior editing. Everything that goes into making a great film should be a part of your reel: Professional on-set direction, great lighting, sound and cinematography.

Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production

High-Quality Experience

Choose a production company that has incorporated all facets of filmmaking: From writing, producing, casting, directing, acting, cinematography, sound, and editing. This experience will help you as an actor capture those moments that casting directors will notice. We use HD cameras, superior lighting and sound equipment for all shoots.

The Right Material is Crucial

Whether you want to do a monologue or a scene, you will be given an evaluation as to what subject matter would best suit your skillset and persona. Scene sides are original material written by our script writer, and will be 1-2 pages (minutes) in length. A director will be on set as well to bring out the best in your performance.


Package Includes:

Original 1-5 page script - written by a professional screen-writer.

Live sets to include - outside or in studio.


On-set director - for blocking, to help bring out your best performance.


Two hour plus shoot time - which includes on

set rehearsal and blocking.


Professional editing - a great editor will make your performance even better.

Two-actor scenes: You cast 

Invite a fellow actor, who also needs a reel, to split the cost of your scene. 

Two-actor scenes: We Cast

We will cast an actor to

be in the scene with you.

Solo Scene

Original material or choose your own.

Reel Editing

Have some footage from projects but need some one to edit it together? We can do it.

With in our options we provided coaching sessions along with critiquing to ensure your performance is authentic and not manufactured.

Acting Coaching 

Auditions For Upcoming Roles

Got a audition but don't want to have to

self tape, get a reader and hope you nail it

while focused on so many other things. Let us take the wheel on the production and reader so you can concentrate solely on delivering your best performance.


JCL Productions LLC, is owned and operated by Cynthia Cherry, and Jared Leon, who have been independent filmmakers since 2011. They have completed 3 award winning feature films together; multiple short films ; as well as commercial client work.

Cynthia is writer/director, and Jared is cinematographer/editor.

Their work has garnished awards for actors, as well as directing, producing, writing, and sound editing.