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Looking to book more work? We are here to help.

Get the professional scenes needed to show what your capable of bringing to the table.

Some of our clients have used their reel scenes to book shows on these platforms


It's Never A Bad Thing To Invest In Yourself!

Getting experience is always a good thing but how you go about it makes a difference. Doing countless projects and waiting 6 months to a year to retrieve your footage back can stall your momentum. Now you're left in limbo waiting. You have no high quality clips of your acting and trying to find more projects to be in only to wait again and again. Our company helps bypass the pitfalls of finding experience and hopefully getting clips. The job and priority is to get your professional reel scene clips back fast so you can get started.


Great Coaching Makes All The Difference!

Our director coaches with the actors, provides feedback after every take and dedicates the time to help the actor feel confident in what they're doing.

No More Long Waits!

No more waiting and not knowing when your'e going to get your footage back. When you get a reel scene done you are guaranteed a 2 weeks wait. No more waiting months and months and for footage to eventually arrive in low quality formats that don't give you the best professional high quality feel that you want the represent your work.

Great Price For The Product!

Our company is able to do high quality work with less personnel. A lot of companies have to charge thousands because they have 5,6, to 10 employees, expensive cameras, and a property to pay for and manage. We are a family business and our style is more bang for your buck, intimate setting and more time to focus on you.

2 to 4 minute reel scenes!

We shoot reel scenes that give you more back to work with and fine tune into your demo reel. We like more because even if it's just a reel scene, a story is still being told and the more set up and pay off the better for you. We show ebbs and flows within the story and treat it like a micro short film.

Our mission is to help you succeed at your dream!

We have helped hundreds of actors build career momentum, book bigger roles, and acquire representation. Not only do we get a lot of local DMV actors but now actors from all over coming to us from California, Florida, Maine, Louisiana, Atlanta, Ohio, Texas. They all see the benefits of what we provide and our price is affordable to the point they can book a plane ticket and a reel scene and have saved money.

* 2-3 page original script tailor-made for you.
* High-quality scene (shot, edited, graded, and finalized.)
* On-set coaching and rehearsal.
* A dressed set for your scene.
* Multiple takes and time dedicated to creating something special.
* Privacy to be vulnerable on camera. 

What You Get!

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