Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does your company do?

Answer: We Shoot acting reel scenes for serious actors looking to get

clips for their acting reels.

2. Are you hiring?

Answer: As of right now we are not.

3. Can I get a free reel?

Answer: No, we are a business and our services do

need compensation to run.

4. Can you shoot my short film, music video, Live Event, commercial, Ballet Recital,

graduation photos, feature film, etc.

Answer: As of right now we do not accept these offers.

5. What if I decide to cancel?

Answer: It depends on the circumstances. The original deposit is non-refundable

after a script is sent because you're paying for the script to be tailor made to you.

You get one rewrite and after that get charged $40 per script. So 2 scripts with

initial deposit down and $40 for each one after. If you cancel a week before the

shoot we do not refund money and you will have to pay another deposit to set up 

a new date.

6. How do you choose your We Cast Actors?

Answer: We choose actors we've worked with before and had a great time with.

That way we know when we bring them back to help with another actor they

will be pleasant, reliable and make it a good experience for our new client.

7. How long are the shoots?

Answer: Depends on the actor or scene. Knowing your lines will definitely make it

easier when adjusting performance or getting through takes. Also we coach on

set and newer actors need more coaching. Every experience is different so

it will fluctuate. Usually its around 4 to 8 hours.