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Scriptwriting Service


How Can I Help Your Script

Hello, my name is Cynthia A. Cherry. I have a MFA in screenwriting and a passion for helping writers find their voice. I will help guide you around the avoidable mistakes beginners often run into. In our 1 hour remote sessions we will go over the current screenplay you are working on giving notes, advice and listen to what your intentions are and where I can be of service.

Remote Session

Want someone to bounce ideas off who understands what you're going through?
I am here to help you find your way to the best story you can tell. In our session we will assess your story in real-time to build upon what you've started.

​​Formatting and Proofreading - Once your script is finished, let's make sure it is "industry standard" and the use of grammar and punctuation are correct. 

Script Coverage - We want to analyze each action, beat and line of dialogue to make sure everything meshes well together.

Remote Session: 1 hour $45 a session | 2 hours $75 a session

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