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Have a script you want made into a short film?

About us

We specialize in shooting small form content and have been successful in creating high quality material for actors around our local area through our services.

Our 2 person team has shot, directed, and edited 3 feature films and over 40 short films. We also know the amount of work that goes into making great content and

our price reflects that.

Yes, you can go to other production companies and try to pay less just to get it made but you get what you pay for. Our dedication to the craft on all fronts shows in our work and we are passionate about what we do.

Our work has garnished multiple awards and is also featured on Amazon Prime. Our partnership is what makes this all possible and we both form a well oiled machine that's able to function at a high level.

What You're Getting

1. We shoot everything in 4K on our Sony Cameras (A7Sii,A6600, A6500).


2. Royalty Free Music, Script Doctoring, Foley, Sound Design, On Set Sound, Shooting, Directing, Editing, Color Grading, will all be covered within this price.

3. We can provide our office as a location to shoot at but we do not lock down, pay for, or assist in getting additional locations.

4. We can recommend actors we've worked with but we do not pay for their daily rates.

5. Last but not least is the minds behind the scenes. We can guide you but also have extensive experience on set. Your not so much paying for the equipment but the experience and track record of proven service value.


Starting Price: $1,500

50% Upfront 

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