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Short Film or Series Pilot

Have an idea for a story you feel

needs to be told? We can help.
We have extensive knowledge in

producing high quality content. 

Our Services Include:

Lets talk about your idea and get it fleshed out into a compelling story.
Be the lead actor, or just produce from afar.
Enter your project into Film Festivals, have a theater showing or use as a pitch pilot.

What This Includes:
Shot in 4K format
An original script (5 to 10 Pages) 
Full Production and Post
Actors for the roles
The rights to the project

$500 Pre-Production 

($250 is non-refundable if canceled)
Includes:  Shoot Schedule
, script writing, auditions, casting.

Call for Quote for Production Day Rate: 

(8 to 12 hours)

Directing, Coaching, Shooting, Sound, Lighting
Paying talent (up to 4 actors) , Props, Craft
services, etc.
If there are multiple locations and actors,
more shoot days will be required.

$500 Post-Production and Editing: 

(3 to 4 Weeks)
Includes: Color Grading, Sound Design, Music, Foley


Starting At: $1,000 before Production Day Rate Added

$200 Makeup Artist Daily Rate (Optional)
Or we can have actors come camera ready.


$550 Sole Owner Of Rights (Optional)

You exclusively own the rights to

the master file of the project.

Check FAQ below for more info.

$300 Create A Trailer  (Optional)
We will provide an edited trailer promo you can use
to build excitement for your project.

$150 Create My Poster (Optional)
We will provide a poster that identifies your project
instantly when people see it. (Up to 3 edits)

Your Responsibility as the Producer:
Specific shoot locations beyond what
Real2Reel can provide.
Locations Real2Reel Provides:
Single Executive Office, Living Room, Interrogation Room,
Hospital Room, House Location, Back yard,
Two-person small cafe set up, Office hallways.

Additional Cost to the Producer:
Submitting to Film Festivals
Locking down a theater to show it

Deal Breakers:
No sexual content
No use of the "F" word
No excessive profanity
No  gore (guts and body parts)


We can reject ideas if our company does

not feel comfortable taking on the story.


1.  Can I cast my own actors?
Answer: Yes, however if they are new or have very little experience it can weigh in to the shoot days schedule when we're coaching. We coach on set for every project we work on to make sure the actors truly know their motivations, character break down and role in the story. 

2. What if I need to reschedule a shoot?
Answer: If an event happens that changes the shoot date please let us know as soon as possible. We have to work around schedules and redo set locations, and actors need new schedule availability option etc. 2 reschedules requires another additional $100 to re-lock in the date.

3. Is this worth my investment?
Answer: You are paying for professional, high quality work, by an award-winning production company for a reasonable cost.  

4. When it's finished how do I receive it?
Answer: We will send the link to the master file via email. If a flash drive copy is needed, please request via email.

5. Can I edit the footage myself?
Answer: This is an all-inclusive package. We do not provide raw footage.

6. How does the process work?

  • The production company contacts you by phone.The concept for the script is discussed, which includes the number of actors and locations needed. 

  • The Producer's Agreement and Production Budget is sent along via email along with the links to pay the pre-production costs. $500

  • Once pre-production cost have been paid, the script is written, and based on available shoot dates 
    discussed earlier, we create the shooting schedule.

  • The following cost are due the first day of shooting.

        -The daily production cost
        - Post production cost
        -Makeup and hair (if contracted)

7. How can I pay?
Answer: Cashapp, Paypal, Cash
Pre-production payment - Cashapp and PayPal only

8. What If I want to change something in the edit?
Answer: There is no charge for the first editing pass. Subsequent editing changes are charged at a flat rate of $100 per pass.


9. How long will the project run time be?

Answer: It can range anywhere from 7 to 15 minutes

10. Do I own all the rights?

Answer: We will co-own the rights unless you

buy it out completely for your sole use only.

Co-owning rights means:

We can use 2 minutes clips for promotion.

We can use on our YouTube privately but not public.

We will not enter it into film festivals.

We will not seek 3rd part distribution.


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