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film ACTING 


Class Options

1 on 1 remote session
1 on 1 in person private class

Super Session

Classes will be recorded on a live set each session.

footage will be provided and archived for our use as well.

This class is not about learning the business or marketing yourself as an actor. We  focus more on translating your craft into a powerful on-set performance.

in-person 1 on 1 studio class
1hr classes

1 on 1 remote sessions
1hr session

Super Session
1-3 hour session
get a 30-45 second reel Scene
with session


In Person Classes
The curriculum

1. Reaction Shots - How to bring your emotion to the forefront without saying a word and being fully present when listening.

2. Making compelling choices - The difference between good and great acting is the choices you make within a scene. How do you know what choices ring true or are good? I will teach on that.

3. Prop Manipulation - how your props in the scene can help tell the story of your character.

4. Blocking - How to move around within a scene to add depth and texture to the moment.

5. Character Building - Transforming your interior and exterior as an actor, adding the objectives of your character in a scene, and inserting that into your behavior.

6. Strength and Weakness - Finding out your superpower while also diagnosing your kryptonite. Actors always have things they naturally excel at. We want to pinpoint that but also work on exercising your weakness until they are less of a problem when fortifying your craft.

7. Acting For Camera Angles - A close up and wide shot will have a different effect if you are acting the same in each. We will go into why you need to change up your movements when the camera gets close to your face.

8. Continuity - Making sure your performances can cut together in the editing room is important. If you are inconsistent with your character in your movement, it can become distracting. We will go into this more.




Cynthia L. Cherry has an extensive background on working with actors for over 23 years. She has written and directed 10 plays, 3 movies and over 100 reel scenes.

What she likes most about directing is seeing the growth and hunger in actors. She has helped actors with no experience win awards in her features as well as her short films. She's passionate about the craft of acting and wants others to succeed and grow to their full potential.


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